Dr. Manuel Figueras, 50 years old, devotes his medical career and the hospital that he built in order to save the lives of other people. But when fate prevents him in saving the life of his wife Diana, he begins to question the worth of his chosen profession.  As a result, he decides to step back and asks his young protégé, Dr. Henry Nieves (early 30s) to run the hospital for him. He then later spends his time living in an island… struggling to move on.

Until one stormy night, in the island, he encounters a young woman named Lena (early 20s). Daughter of a fish vendor in the mainland, Lena boldly challenges Manuel to embrace life once more.  And despite of their age difference, what started as an innocent friendship evolves into a heartfelt relationship.  Eventually, Manuel and Lena, unable to hide the obvious, finally recognize that they are in love with each other.

After their wedding, Manuel and Lena choose to spend their honeymoon in the island where they first met. But a tragic twist emerges when a hired killer tries to kill Manuel.   Manuel escapes death when, inadvertently, he stumbles upon a magical portal in the island.  The portal leads him to a pond that transforms him back to his youth. And as a consequence of his metamorphosis, time in the real world advances… seven years to be exact.

But in his return to the real world, as a young man, he discovers that his beloved wife has moved on.  Lena, now married to his protégé Henry, has a child named Ivan.  Given the situation, Manuel must make a fateful choice… is he going to take back what is his and destroy what seems to be a  happy family or make the bitter sacrifice to start again and forget about the woman who brought him back to life.